Autumn In The Sign Of The Poncho

autumn fashion poncho

If you want “personalized” poncho with your initials, you have to pay a little more than $1200.

holywood stars wtih poncho

There is something magical in this gown! Or cape? In any case, fans of fashion worldwide, already bought one colorful model. With or without initials, depending on the budget.

With “customized” poncho with initials, so far we have seen stars like Sarah Jessica Parker, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Cara Delevingne and Olivia Palermo.

coloful poncho

It does not have to be “customized” in order to be noticed. Poncho is certainly impressive and it will warm you making you feel so comfortable, yet you act recklessly, especially in tight jeans and short boots.

poncho combination

For an elegant look, wear it slightly lowered on the shoulders, and for sporty look combine it with fringed poncho with pants or shorts, and of course, the soft leather boots to the knee.

Longer or shorter poncho, from wool, cashmere or tweed, decorated with leather straps, twine or wooden buttons, you will find the right for you.

lady in poncho


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