Cashmere Clothing Worth The Money


Cashmere or Kashmir as someone use to say, is one of those materials that you always should have in your wardrobe. Not just for winter but for all seasons.

Perhaps clothing made from cashmere cost a little bit more than other materials, but at least you know that choosing quality that lasts a long time.

Here, we share are some tips that will help you if the cashmere piece you want to buy is worth the money.

Choose thick and stretchy sweater

Black Cashmere Sweater

Before you choose your favorite color, check out the knitting. Put your hand under the sweater, so if you see it under the knit it means that it is simply weaving and the sweater is too thin and has no elasticity. Therefore it is always better to choose a model with a double-layered weaving. It will contribute to the quality of your sweater, will make stronger and adaptable to your body.

Besides, there are specialized cashmere producers, so if you really want to make the real choice and get a product that’s worth the money, select only brands that are recognizable and popular.

How to know if it’s 100% cashmere?

If you already experienced the warmth and luxury that cashmere provides, you will easily recognize that same quality wool without any problem. Once you feel cashmere, you’ll fall in love with.

However, cashmere is soft natural fiber and usually more expensive than other wool. The clothing made of cashmere should warm you even during the coldest winter days. Make sure you only buy “Grade A” cashmere because it’s is the best quality available for the fiber.

But as a general rule, 100% cashmere is more expensive and also check reviews from buyers before making a decision.

How to wash cashmere clothing?

It will take you more time than usual, but it pays off to devote attention to your favorite piece of clothing. That will prolong its life.

You should wash cashmere clothing with medium warm water and gentle detergent for cashmere, and don’t rub it. Then wrap it in a towel and place it on a flat surface to dry.

I found this video on YouTube. Hope it helps!

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